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NOTE: Trips booked on Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, and New Years will have a minimum charge of $ 25.00 CAD. For more information on this minimum charge do not hesitate to call us.

Royal Wagon is on a mission to truly change the mentality of the transportation industry.

We believe that the freedom to travel wherever and whenever, is an essential choice that every person deserves, has access to and at a reasonable cost.

What makes Royal Wagon unique is it's unprecedented focus on customers with limited mobility. We recognize the transportation challenges that such individuals face on a daily basis and we're here to help. 

We specialize in safe, reliable and compassionate transportation for people with limited mobility. Our team of retro-fitted vehicles and experienced drivers aim to provide accessibility to all of our customers.


Our Services

Whatever your transportation needs are, Royal Wagon will always provide you with the best quality service available. Below are some of the services we are proud to offer throughout Alberta.


Book a ride as Easy as 1-2-3

Royal Wagon has a beautiful and simplistic app that works on iOS and Android. Our customers can now seamlessly request rides whereever they are. Create a profile and never have to enter your information again. It's the fastest and most secure way to get to where you want to go.

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Accessible Transportation

Customers with limited mobility face a unique challenge in the public transportation realm. We understand the challenge, and we understand the solution. The Royal Wagon fleet Is fully wheelchair accessible to all of our customers. Equally as important is the extra attention and care that provide. Royal Wagon drivers have many years of experience in transporting citizens with disabilities and limited mobility.


Courier and delivery Service

Because our fleet is specially outfitted to provide transportation to our clientele, This is useful for those that have packages that require extra care and not usually offered with conventional delivery.

Share Your Experience!

At Royal Wagon, We thrive on the support and feedback of our customers. If you have any feedback or have had a good experience or with us, we ask that share it. This helps us showcase our services to your friends and family, as well develop a sense of community amongst our Alberta riders.



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